In our company everything revolves around the sport horse. Our team of a professional rider, veterinarian, blacksmith and grooms, combined with a thorough stable management, gives the horse every opportunity to develop optimally.

Each horse that arrives at our facility is considered a unique individual. They all have different needs and require a personalized treatment. There are a limited number of boxes in order to control the well-being and health of each horse at all times.

Every horse differs in character, temperament and diet and therefore requires specific management. When an active competition horse is suddenly forced to rest, we often notice that these athletes tend to lose their spirit and sometimes suffer from stomach issues due to internal stress. It is of utmost importance to recognize this immediately and to act accordingly. This demands horsemanship, commitment and passion for the horse.

We are convinced that this is a significant added value in the rehabilitation process of the horses. When a horse is uncomfortable, the recovery will be much more difficult. Horsemanship combined with an optimal infrastructure in a quiet and orderly environment creates the ideal climate for the recovering horse.

Stable management

Good stable management is essential for the well-being and health of a horse. First of all the company is situated in a very quiet and rural area, which is the ideal setting for the horses to rehabilitate in the absence of tension or stress.

When building the infrastructure, the horse was our central focus. The horse boxes are spacious with plenty of light and fresh air. The walls are coated with rubber mats. The riding hall of 20 x 54 m and the 18 m diameter longe arena have an optimal footing surface consisting of sand, textile and fiber. The horse walker is spacious and is paved with rubber. Paddocks and pastures are also available.

We attach great importance to the quality of roughage and feed concentrates. Each horse has its own feeding schedule depending on the training or rehabilitation. The horses come out of the box several times a day. Lots of exercise and attention are keywords of a good stable policy. Our grooms are committed to their duties. Horses in training can enjoy daily grazing if the weather permits.

What clients have to say

    5 star review  After a long search Gremeslo was chosen for the recovery and rehabilitation of a tendon injury of one of my top eventing horses. What immediately appealed to me is the warmth of the owners and their respect and love towards horses / equestrian sports. Daily 3 x outside, extremely professional treatment methods, follow-up and thinking along in the process and care in general, ensured that my horse recovered very quickly and I was happy to take her home with me. Also important is in case of doubts and questions afterwards both Penny and Bert answer as soon as possible and assist you in the best possible aftercare.

    thumb paarden houder

    5 star review  Stal Gremelslo zijn mijn buren super lieve mensen en de paarden worden hier super goed verzorgd

    thumb Marianne Dabekaussen

    4 star review  Grote rijpiste overdekt. Veel stallen voor de paarden te laten overnachten. Vriendelijke uitbaters.

    thumb Guido Tielemans

    5 star review  Top begeleiding en revalidatiecentrum!

    thumb Didier Rondelez